‘You Are A State-Controlled Propaganda Machine!’

MSNBC weekend anchor Ayman Mohyeldin went off on Fox News in an interview with SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah, calling the network “a state-controlled propaganda machine.”

On Friday’s edition of The Dean Obeidallah Show, the host talked with Mohyeldin, who anchors Ayman weekend nights on MSNBC. Obeidallah asked if MSNBC would ever stand for an anchor behaving the way the Dominion lawsuit has revealed Fox News talent behaved, and Mohyeldin torched the rival outlet:

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: We learned about Fox News through depositions and through emails and a treasure trove of documents. If you were to go on MSNBC and knowingly lie to destabilize our democracy, how do you think that will be received by executives at MSNBC?

AYMAN MOHYELDIN: I was going to say, I don’t know if I would make it to the next commercial block. I would certainly I would… They would probably let me finish this segment. And then in the commercial block, they would be like that airport music where it just kind of comes out or like that, kind of like, you know, elevator music where it comes out and like, “due to an unforeseen circumstance this show has been canceled. We will see you back at our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow night.”

Who knows? I mean, honestly, first of all, you’re not talking about, you’re not talking about getting facts wrong. Right? That is something we all do. Every journalist makes mistakes. Everybody reports things that are inaccurate or incomplete.

What you are talking about is this unbelievable split-screen dichotomy where the host on the air is acknowledging, confirming that what we’re putting on the air to our viewers, demonstrably false. And we know it to be false. But we still have to do it anyway. And what’s scary is the motivation of why they’re doing it.

It’s not, it’s not like, for example. For example, people are saying like, “hey, let’s be, let’s be extra skeptical of these results. Let’s, let’s really just, let’s really test the veracity of the outcome of our election because we want to make sure that our democracy comes out of this stronger. I’m even willing to concede that. I’m willing to even say, you know what? If they just all sat in a room and be like, “Let’s be the counter-narrative just for the sake of making sure that we are the ones that are not that are not, being spoon fed the results. And let’s test the results outcome.”

Go for it. But what you’re telling me is you knew it was fake. You knew it was a lie. You knew it’s not true. You’re calling the people perpetrating, perpetrating this lie and perpetuating it liars. You know, you’re calling Rudy Giuliani insane. You’re calling Sidney Powell insane. You’re acknowledging that if you reverse course and start reporting the truth, your audience is going to peel off to go to Newsmax as Tucker Carlson, Tucker Carlson suggested, and you’re punishing the reporters who fact-check the president.

So, my God, like this is a different threshold. You’re no longer a news organization! You’re at this point, you are a state-controlled propaganda machine! You are not an independent news organization that has your own editorial guidelines that you are pursuing to try to be rigorous or counternarrative or contrarian. No, you’re not.

Watch the clip above via The Dean Obeidallah Show.

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