‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Shows Kody That Couples Do This and Like It?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown backed away from Christine Brown several times when she attempted this move on her shared husband while on the TLC series. No one can say that she didn’t try when it came to Kody Brown and impromptu romance.

But today it looks like she has what she wants in the romance department. Plus she’s actually able to complete that move with a new man who seems to love her advances.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Doesn’t Need Kody Brown In the Kitchen

Christine Brown tried her best to cuddle with Kody throughout the years while the cameras rolled. When her husband would walk into the kitchen she would sometimes attempt to give him a hug. Or you might find her nestling up to him for a minute in an attempt to greet him.

But Kody would back away on the Sister Wives screen. The three screenshots below show how that usually ended up. Either Kody would gently push her away or he’d look peeved. He would put on this facial grimace that seem to say he was aggravated.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown
                                                                                   Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Christine Brown – Image Credits: TLC

In the shots above, he just looked up as if he were frustrated over Christine’s attempt at affection. For over a decade of Sister Wives seasons, fans watched as she moved in on her husband only for him to back off.

Today Christine Does a Different Dance in Her Kitchen

Viewers felt this Sister Wives bride’s pain, after all, she was such a giving person when it came to Kody Brown. If he was in her kitchen it usually meant that she was cooking him up some breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

She also made it clear through the years that it bothered her not to have a husband she could just hug when she felt like it. Kody was so worried about what the other Sister Wives’ brides would think. So he said he kept any show of affection behind closed doors.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - David Woolley
                                        Sister Wives: Christine Brown – David Woolley- Image Credit: Instagram

But it looks like all her dreams have come true, even the little one that had to do with showing affection to the man she loves while in her kitchen. Her new boyfriend, who Christine calls “the love of my life” is not only hugging her in her kitchen, but he’s dancing with her as well.

In a very romantic move, David Woolley also posted this clip of the two dancing in the kitchen. He captioned it “I’ll dance with you anytime.” While fans love it, some also think it’s a dig at her ex.

In another post, he declares his love for her, and thanks her for finding him. So, it seems safe to say that David is just as head over heels for his new love as she is for him.

You have to admit this Sister Wives celebrity looks ecstatic as David Woolley takes her hands and puts them around his back. But then he starts cutting a rug and doing all the dance moves with Christine Brown.

Sister Wives: David Woolley Has Her Fans Saying – Kody Who?

Seeing Christine in a short clip with David Woolley leading her around the kitchen floor has fans going back in time a bit. They express how elated this makes them. They are thrilled over the happiness she finally found.

But some remember how the kitchen was a favorite place for this Sister Wives mom of six. So seeing her enjoy this space with David means something to veteran fans of the show.

One fan wrote that she’s never been as happy for a stranger as she is today for Christine. It seems the hashtags on her post tells the whole story for her today, “#dancingthroughlife, #loveofmylife, #feelinggood, #finallyhappy, and… #thisismyyear.”

Proving Papa Brown Wrong…

So, it looks like Christine proved Kody wrong in a few different areas. It seems there’s joy in hugging and dancing with this lady in her kitchen. It certainly looks like David thinks so.

Plus, Kody predicted Christine wouldn’t get a man of her own. He claimed any potential suitor would see her on Sister Wives and witness how awful she treated her shared husband and then decide to move on.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - David Woolley - Mykelti Brown Padron's Twins
                              Sister Wives: Christine Brown – David Woolley – Image Credit: Instagram

Kody said that he himself is a good guy. So, if a new boyfriend tuned in to the show to scope things out, they would see this. Then they would notice for sure how Christine would treat Kody. This would make any pending dating material skedaddle, in Papa Brown’s theory.

Well, from where fans sit, Christine treated Kody Brown like a king. She did that all the way up to the point where he told her that he no longer wanted intimacy in their marriage.

So, it looks like Christine has the last laugh on Kody. But she’s also got something wonderful going on with her new guy. And yes, even in her kitchen Christine Brown finds romance today, something she couldn’t get from Kody Brown in that room.

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