Shooting at center for Jehovah’s witnesses in Hamburg leaves at least seven dead

At least seven people were dead and several more were injured
late on Thursday in a shooting in Hamburg at a local center for the
religious organization Jehovah’s witnesses, the German newspaper
BILD said. Earlier reports said six people were dead, Trend reports citing

The incident took place in the city’s Alsterdorf district.
“Today at around 9 p.m. one or several unidentified people opened
fire on people in the church,” a police statement reads. Law
enforcement bodies urged to avoid the emergency site and not to
leave houses in nearby streets.

At least 24 people were injured, the Hamburger Morgenpost

The motives and particular circumstances are yet unknown.
Special operating forces are working at the emergency site.

Bild reported that law enforcement agents heard a shot in the
building as they entered it. They do not rule out that the attacker
could commit suicide.

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