Pep Guardiola mocks Premier League FA with cheeky jibe over Liverpool slip


The City manager thinks that clubs who are envious of their success are behind the 115 charges of financial impropriety made against the defending champions this week. Although Guardiola believes that clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Tottenham are jealous of a team that has won six titles in a decade, he insisted that City would always have some of the Premier League’s most memorable moments.

And he made a go at the Merseyside club, who have three times finished second to the Blues, by mentioning the Gerrard error against Chelsea in 2014, which is credited with helping Manuel Pellegrini’s City team win the league. Regardless of the phrase, some moments are unquestionably ours, according to Guardiola.

“When Balotelli slipped, did Aguero score? I’m not sure if we are to blame for Steven Gerrard’s stumble at Anfield. Was it our fault, then? Although I appreciate Steven Gerrard, that particular moment belongs to us.

“The Premier League will judge the experiences we shared throughout these years together, but I know what we won and how we won it. I am aware of the work we put in. Nothing that occurred in 2009 or 2010 will change in the slightest.

Guardiola is aware that jealousy serves as a driving force in football. But he believes that some of the teams that City has overshadowed care more about money than fame.

“That (jealousy) is part of sport,” said Guardiola. It’s good when opposing teams strive to defeat your winning squad. However, several teams desire Champions League rankings in order to utilize their large stadiums.

“But we prevailed. If they have any doubts, that’s fine. They possess some suspicions? That’s alright. But hold on there are attorneys. The Premier League did not wait for even a single second.

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