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Using the best home office equipment for our personal needs and preferences can make the work-from-home experience much more enjoyable and effective. In this article, I share what home office equipment products I use to make my office the best it can be for me.

Of course, it’s always good to start with the goal of our office setup. I break that down as follows. I want it to be:

  • Functional – things need to work and need to have a reason for being there
  • Comfortable – that means while I’m sitting or standing

Currently, my office setup looks like this:

office setup

I also use this to live stream and record my podcast, which is why I have so many lights.

But let’s go one by one of the home office products currently used in my home office and studio.

The chair

I can’t believe how many lousy office chairs I’ve sat in over the years – without even realizing it. For complete comfort, I recommend a gaming chair – even if you don’t game! They are super comfortable and come in different sizes.

gaming chair

Some of these chairs even come with foot/leg rests, but I sometimes use a footstool to put my feet up.

foot stool

The desk

I’m a fan of a standup desk, and there are certainly many options available. I use an older VariDesk that can be placed on top of an existing desk.

varidesk standup desk

The one negative about this stand up desk is that it’s manual. If you want something a little easier to move up and down, this one is an option.

Automatic standup desk

Computer setup

Since I spend much of my day writing, on calls, or producing content of other types, my computer setup is also essential.

That includes:

A good keyboard and mouse.

I prefer a Bluetooth keyboard and a wired mouse.

bluetooth keyboard

corded mouse

An excellent external microphone helps me with voice dictation of content and to sound good in meetings and podcasts.


Finally, an external camera can help look good in meetings and livestreams.

Having the right amount of monitors matters. I currently use three – one for my active work, one for email/calendars, and one for instant messaging.


The surroundings

There are ways to make the surroundings nicer and more functional as well. Put up some photos, for example. Maybe a plant.

On the more functional side, perhaps, lighting matters. I use these floor lamps for my typical lighting.

floor lamps

I use a couple of ring lights for podcast recordings. 

Sound panels on the walls and even the ceiling can make you sound better on calls. They also look nice.

I use several types and discuss them in this article. 

To tidy things up

To declutter the office, I also use this cable management system to hide away at least some of the cables.

cable management system

So that’s the home office equipment that has and is working for me, and I hope you find these tips and product recommendations helpful to set your home office up in a way that makes sense for you, is comfortable, and enables you to do your best work.

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