Fans Attack Nick Cannon For Using The Lord’s Name In Vain

Nick Cannon‘s latest jokes left a sour taste in fans’ mouths!

The renowned comedian is notoriously known for fathering 12 children with multiple women. While most wanted the entertainer to restrain his lower half, the TV personality found a fun way to negate the public’s disapproval.

Instead of allowing the negativity to get to him, the “Wild ‘n Out” host addressed the situation from a comedic standpoint. The 42-year-old frequently took shots at himself for laughs. However, his latest stunt did more harm than good.

Fans Attack Nick Cannon For Using The Lord’s Name In Vain

The season of love is upon us, and the baby-making king is searching for a partner like his fellow Christian brothers and sisters. On February 10, the comedian shared a parody advertisement for the religious dating app Christian Mingle.

Nick Cannon at FOX 2022 Upfront

In an Instagram video, the “Drumline” actor donned an all-white suit while seated in front of a piano. In the background were Valentine’s Day decorations, and the piano’s top was also covered in red linen.

The San Diego native completed his look with a pair of glasses while his hair was styled into short braids. Despite his innocent appearance, the 42-year-old’s dialogue was far from pure. “It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and this year I’m joining Christian!” the comedian announced while playing light notes on the piano.

Why would the woman magnet need a dating site? The “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” star playfully admitted that he wanted more ladies. “I’m seeking womens. Multiple plurals. Womens,” the media personality said, prompting the off-screen director to yell, “cut.”

This marked the first of many takes in the spoof ad as Cannon repeatedly refused to keep his vulgar side under wraps. Later in the clip, the “Gigolo” rapper filled out his dating app profile.

When asked for his Christian Mingle name, the comedian joked about choosing monikers like “Goliath” and “seed of our father children of abundance.” However, the San Diego native lost his voice when asked about his marital status. The “All That” alum joked about notoriously spreading his seed according to the Bible’s preaching.

“I’m just following the word. It’s Bible, baby,” the media personality said before declaring his religion as “charismatic” and occupation as “driving that D.” For his concluding message, the TV personality earned another director’s cut by saying, “I love Jesus and vagina.”

The parody ad was captioned, “trying something new this Valentine’s Day.” Although the post generated over 80k likes, disappointed fans flooded the comment section to fire numerous shots at the comedian. One fan captured their disapproval in a lengthy message that read:

“Bruh, you wrong for mocking God! And all who’s laughing are participating in the mockery of Jesus! Oh, Genesis 1:28 was specifically speaking of Adam and the woman that he created just for him (Eve). Bro repent, the system/industry don’t love you!”



Other social media users shared similar sentiments, confirming that Cannon’s baby-making actions did not follow the Bible. While others slammed the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award winner for disrespecting God, noting that the video was not funny.

“God don’t like mockery. Your blessings are about to be gone. Don’t play with him,” another fan warned. While someone else claimed that the jokes about Jesus were caused by Satan’s influence on people’s “minds and souls.”

“Playing with God after HE saved your life many times is dangerous! All money ain’t good money!!!!!!” an individual penned. “Droppin that D…talking about vagina…He’s a disgrace,” another fan lamented.

The Infamous Baby-Maker Does Not Have A Family Plan For 2023


Last month, The Blast reported that Cannon opened up about his baby-making plans. During a heart-to-heart conversation on CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” with Andy Cohen, the 42-year-old spilled the tea about the end goal for his family.

The San Diego native confessed that he had not given family planning much thought. Why? Because the entertainer felt “so much joy and delight” regarding his children. Despite having 12 kids, the media personality did not have plans about when/if he would stop reproducing.

Although the host joked about the father-of-twelve getting a vasectomy, Cannon noted that choices about his body lay with him and no one else. Nonetheless, the “School Dance” star expressed gratitude for his health and family.


Last December, the rapper-turned-comedian noted that his children were his “number one priority” for the New Year. The 42-year-old claimed he spent every waking moment thinking about his kids before starting his day and wished to be a better parent.

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