‘Days of our Lives’ 2-Week Spoilers: Belle Black & Sloan Peterson Craft an Alliance

Days of our Lives 2-week spoilers hint that Belle Black and Sloan Peterson could work together on a case. Maggie Horton makes waves as Titan’s new CEO. Plus, Gwen Rizczech and Alex Kiriakis get to know each other better during the weeks of March 6-17, 2023, on the Peacock sudser.

Days of our Lives 2-Week Spoilers:  Legal Eagles Belle Black & Sloan Peterson Team Up

DOOL 2-week spoilers reveal Belle Black (Martha Madison) and Sloan Peterson (Jessica Serfaty) could combine forces. First, Belle is upset that both of her big brothers landed in the slammer. Why?

That’s because Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) and Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) kidnapped Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash). Also, Eric lied about being Sloan’s paralegal and helped spring Dr. Rolf (Richard Wharton) to brainwash their captive.

Days of our Lives 2-week spoilers spill Belle Black refuses to come to Eric’s rescue. After all, she’s still upset at him for assaulting her husband, Detective Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer).

That was months ago. But Belle feels he never made amends with her other half. However, Belle agrees to take Brady as a client. Further, Sloan Peterson wants DA Trask (Tina Huang) to throw the book at Eric.

She’s livid. After all, Sloan’s hunky boyfriend used her legal position as his leverage. However, DOOL spoilers indicate Sloan could forgive Eric. Plus, Sloan agrees to represent him in the ongoing investigation.

And Sloan may want to jump into bed again with Belle’s hot brother. Belle may not like this. But it is what it is. With things looking grim for the brothers, Belle Black and Sloan Peterson may become a powerful defense team.

Days of our Lives 2-week spoilers report Sloan and Belle unite. How will the defendants feel about Belle Black and Sloan Peterson’s cooperation? Fans could see a new law firm in the making as Belle and Sloan work side by side. Find out soon on the Peacock soap.

DOOL 2-Week Spoilers: Maggie Horton, CEO

Days of our Lives 2-week spoilers confirm Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers) heads Titan Industries now. First, she told her step-nephew, Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson), he was fired. However, it was Maggie’s way of showing she was in charge.

Further, she asks Alex to continue his good work. But, DOOL spoilers say his raunchy antics could push him out of the company. In fact, the Spectator’s newest columnist, Lady Whistleblower aka Leo Stark (Greg Rikcaart), may report his dealings with the Sweet Bits girls.

In fact, the new Days of our Lives weekly preview trailer show Maggie telling Alex she could still fire him. But he may make a million-dollar deal that could bring him back into good graces.

However, Peacock spoilers hint that plan could fall through. We can’t wait to watch Maggie Horton shake things up at Titan Industries as the new CEO. She is a woman. Hear her roar!

Days of our Lives 2-Week Spoilers: Could Gwen Fall for Alex?

Speaking of Alex Kiriakis, DOOL 2-week spoilers mention he gets to know Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien). After his cousin Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) breaks her heart again, Alex could be a strong, sexy shoulder to cry on for the Brit.

Plus, Gwen needs to get over dandy Xandy. Little does he know, he’s the father of his estranged wife’s baby. It will be better for the writer to move on with someone else.

Days of our Lives spoilers hint that sparks could fly between Gwennie and Alex K., But his interest may be selfish. As a matter of fact, she pulls the strings at the Spectator. And is Leo’s BFF.

Hopefully, for Gwen’s sake, the new friendship with Playboy Alex is the real deal. But will his relationship with the Brit upset his new boss, Maggie Horton? She could give him his pink slip if he doesn’t play his cards right on DOOL. 

Days of our Lives fans will discover over the next few weeks. Maggie may still fire Alex. But he could have Gwen’s help licking his wounds.

And watch for Belle Black and Sloan Peterson. Will they team up to help Brady and Eric? Don’t miss a thing during the weeks of March 6-17, 2023, on Peacock’s streaming sudser.

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