2022 Bengaluru Bulls Vs Gujarat Giants Pro Kabaddi League’s Table-toppers

Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants

Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants easily in the last game of VIVO Pro Kabaddi season nine on Friday at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium.

Bharat led the Bengaluru Bulls in scoring with 18 points. Vikash Kandola, who was out of form, came in second with five points while making an effort to get back into shape.

The Bengaluru Bulls were unrelenting from the outset, and the game got off to a fast start. Rakesh, Rinku Narwal, and Manoj of the Gujarat Giants have been eliminated thanks to a Super-Raid launched by Bharat, raising the possibility of an early All-Out.

The Bengaluru Bulls gained a 9-3 advantage shortly after it arrived. The Gujarat Giants didn’t give up the challenge, though.

The team’s first All-Out, led by Chandran Ranjit and Parteek Dhaiya, brought the score to 11-11 Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants.

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But the Bengaluru Bulls picked up the pace to force their second All-Out and take the lead 20-13. Although the Gujarat Giants put in more effort, they were able to close the gap to 26-22 before the break as Bharat won another Super ten.

The Bengaluru Bulls continued to dominate despite the sluggish second half. Chandran Ranjit, Shankar Gadai, and Rinku Narwal were apprehended by Bharat during a Do-or-Die raid, resulting in a Super Raid and a subsequent All-Out. Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants.

The Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants, Bengaluru Bulls subsequently increased their advantage to nine points. Apart from Bharat and the raiders for the Bengaluru Bulls, defenders like Mayur Kadam, Saurabh Nandal, Mahender Singh, and Aman contributed significantly to Bengaluru’s triumph.

Coach Ram Mehar Singh is looking for a better showing from the Gujarat Giants in the Hyderabad leg despite the team’s setback.

“In Hyderabad, we’re going to start a vital leg.” We need to improve our position on the points chart right now, therefore we must start out strong by winning the first few games.” The Gujarat Giants, are now placed eleventh.

Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants, Bengal Warriors defeat Telugu Titans thanks in large part to Maninder Singh.

At the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Bengal Warriors captain Maninder Singh guided his team to a decisive 36-28 victory over Telugu Titans. With 12 points, the captain topped the team in raiding Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants.

Siddharth Desai, who began his adventures by the fifth minute, helped Telugu Titans advance. Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants Deepak Hooda led a raid to bring the Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants Warriors even at 5-4.

Parvesh Bhainswal quickly showed his skill at tackling to give the Telugu Titans the lead again at 8-6 in the ninth minute. Maninder Singh rallied to tie the game at 8-8.

The Bengal Warriors led at the half, 14-13, after a steady exchange of blows. In the first few seconds of the second half, they administered an All-Out to take a six-point advantage.

Siddharth Desai, who began his adventures by the fifth minute, gave Telugu Titans the momentum they needed to advance. At 5-4, Deepak Hooda led a raid to bring the Warriors even.

The Telugu Titans quickly regained the lead at 8-6 in the ninth minute when Parvesh Bhainswal showed his skill at tackling. To tie the game at 8-8, Maninder Singh rallied.

The Bengal Warriors maintained their lead at 14-13 at the half after a steady exchange. In order to take a six-point lead early in the second half, they administered an All-Out.

However, Maninder Singh’s heroics put the Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants Warriors in the lead at 25-19 after 31 minutes of play despite the contributions of Abhishek Singh and Siddharth Desai on the mat.

Only two Titans remained on the mat after Shrikant Jadhav’s spectacular raid in the 33rd minute. Following that, the Bengal Warriors inflicted their second All-Out, dramatically increasing their lead to 33-22.Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants

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After then, the Bengal Warriors made no more errors and won. Coach K. Bhaskaran talked about his team’s newfound tempo, so it seems like things are coming together. Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants

“After falling to Puneri Paltan, we adjusted our approach. Maninder took over in the second half when Shrikant Jadhav was given complete control, he claimed.

Telugu’s coach, Venkatesh Goud, identified the main cause of the team’s poor season, noting, “We are making tiny mistakes and playing defensive.

Kabaddi must be played energetically; if you become defensive, the other team will attack you to score a goal and win the match.


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