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I rely on an abundance of espresso and adrenaline to carry me from morning madness to my flurry of meetings at the start of each work day at Coveteur. However, as much as I love my lattes, it’s really my work bags that I have to thank for keeping my career on track. After all, those bags contain the laptop, charger, power bank, headphones, 4-5 lip stains, and confidence I need to bring with me on any given day. My work bags are the armor I use to clear a path ahead of me on the subway, escalators, or elevators on my NYC commute in the morning.

When I’m on the hunt for bags, I look for designers that I can proudly rock at the office without sacrificing comfort or personal style. After speaking to my friends, I know I’m not alone. In many industries, a success mindset arguably starts with the right work bag, so the choice between a crossbody or a tote can be a monumental decision. Featuring top handles, totes, crossbody bags, and backpacks, here are the classic bags that are big enough to carry our literal (and emotional) baggage to work each day. As most fashionable workaholics know, practicality should never come at the cost of style.

Crossbody Bags

At Coveteur, we love a crossbody bag. When we’re wavering between bringing a tote or a top handle bag to the office, we lean into the comfort and confidence of a crossbody. Crossbody bags offer a level of versatility with removable or adjustable straps that can be styled in front, to the side, or behind your back. Usually, we’ll just leave the straps dangling just in case we want to switch up our looks midway through our commutes too.

Polo ID Leather Satchel

Katie Mok

This Polo ID Leather Satchel brings an effortlessly cool vibe to the office, which is why it’s the first on our list. It’s imbued with a sense of nostalgia with hardware modeled after vintage ID bracelets. We also love how the shape is reminiscent of the briefcases of the bosses that defined the fashion industry. It’s also equipped with a removable and adjustable strap.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Small Antigona Sport Bag

Katie Mok

A few of our mentors have carried Givenchy over the years–now, we’re ready for our own Antigona Sport Bag too. In oxblood red, this one exudes corporate confidence. It transitions perfectly from commute to the conference room.


The Monogram Medium Tote Bag

Katie Mok

We’re all about the J Marc when we’re off-duty and this Marc Jacobs Crossbody Monogram tote at work. We love the myriad ways this tote can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. PS: It also comes in a variety of different sizes.

Marc Jacobs

Le Foulonné Crossbody Bag

Katie Mok

The workday obviously calls for a morning jolt of coffee, but this color is its own wake-up call. There’s something about this Longchamp Le Foulonne that’s naturally energizing.


Top Handle Bags

If our careers in fashion have taught us anything, it’s that a top handle bag has the unique ability to multitask. Whether it’s styled effortlessly against our forearms or sitting sturdily next to our laptops eagerly awaiting your lunch break, it’s a top performer. Top Handle bags with the right structure and design can also be expensive. Luckily, we’ve found a full range of options at every price point.

Leather Handbag With Topstitching

Katie Mok

While the Prada Galleria will always be one of our favorite iconic top-handle bags, we’re loving the woven leather on this Prada tote. With its timeless and unique design, it’s sure to capture the attention of the conference room.


Handbag With Deer-print Flap

Katie Mok

This flap bag from Emporio Armani adds authority and presence to any work wardrobe. Whether you’re just starting out or already primed for your next promotion, it’s ready for the ride.

Giorgio Armani

Triomphe Top Handle Canvas Bag

Katie Mok

There’s something about the print on this Celine Triomphe Top Handle Canvas bag that can take an ordinary black pantsuit up three notches. This one might be professional, but it has personality.


Margaux 15 Air Bag

Katie Mok

A bag built for bonus season? The Row Margaux. While we didn’t need any further incentives to succeed, we’d consider working overtime for this one.

The Row

Strathberry Top Handle Tote

Katie Mok

On the flip side, this structured, streamlined Strathberry top handle might even be worth dialing in to work early. Although, if you showed up late because you were too busy admiring your new bag in the mirror, we would totally understand.


Tote Bags

Even the chicest people oftentimes have a lot to schlep around with them. You know those days when you need to pack an extra pair of shoes, an umbrella, a laptop, and emergency snacks? On those days, we grab the nearest tote. Our favorite ones below marry style and durability.

T Timeless Tote

Katie Mok

It’s the silhouette for us. Or maybe it’s the “T” pendant. Actually, it’s the internal removable pouch. When it comes to Tod’sTimeless Tote, this is the handbag that “does it all.”


System Tote

Katie Mok

With an unbeatable price and a unique design, we might be in love with this tote. Cuyana offers the type of tote that looks just as good on the first day of an internship as it does on your work anniversary five years later. The timeless design and durable construction give this tote staying power.


Shopper Large Textured-leather Tote

Katie Mok

The Saint Laurent Shopper Tote is a staple of the New York uniform donned by a number of fashion execs. The bottom of this tote is weighted by multiple tech devices that allow the bag to maintain its shape after years of use. Beyond that, we love the understated branding.

Saint Laurent

Flamenco XL Knot Napa Tote Bag

Katie Mok

We once met a client for lunch who had the Loewe Flamenco Tote bag casually perched under her arm. While it already looked awesome in pictures, it was a true vision in person.


Neverfull Tote

Katie Mok

Just as its name suggests, this one is never really “full.” In other words, it will fit absolutely everything you need to bring with you for work and beyond.

Louis Vuitton

Backpack Work Bags

These aren’t the same backpacks that carried your number two pencils and calculators in grade school–these are a chic and mature accessory for any executive. Knapsack bags pack a number of benefits for the fashion boss on the go. First, they thwart back pain or shoulder fatigue by evenly distributing the weight of your laptop. Also, the right backpack can add an element of playfulness to a professional ensemble so that you feel happy while you work. Finally, they’re less duplicative across the streets of New York so you’ll be sure to stand out. These are our favorite work-appropriate backpacks to buy now:

Maestra Dragon Bag

Katie Mok

As its name would suggest, this one is majestic. While it’s one of our favorite backpacks, it can also be worn as a crossbody or a tote! Plus, this bag catches the light more than its leather counterparts and will have every one of your colleagues saying “where did you get that?”


Charter Backpack 24

Katie Mok

For anyone just curious about adding a backpack to their wardrobe rotation, Coach’s Charter backpack is the perfect fit. It’s roomy enough to accommodate most of your office needs but at a very reasonable price point.


Check and Leather Backpack

Katie Mok

For those ready to add plaid prints to their office ‘fits, this Burberry Check Leather Backpack delivers. Honestly, this plays well on the weekends too.


GG Supreme Canvas Backpack

Katie Mok

Androgynous and fit to carry all of your files, this Gucci Canvas Backpack is a must-buy. This print is also a classic and a chameleon at once–it truly matches everything.


Classic Intrecciato Backpack

Katie Mok

Another option for a backpack that will work for everyone: Bottega Veteta’s Classic Intrecciato. With woven leather and impeccable detailing, this bag is a practical accessory for any Employee of the Year.

Bottega Veneta

Overall, the right bag has a place in every meeting, working lunch, and after-hours date. The best bags will also offer ample room for your day-to-day necessities and save your shoulders from pain after a long commute. Also, we’d argue that the right bag also doubles as a desk model or office decor to level up your hours on the clock. So, every season, we’re eager to invest in a new one. While evening clutches and belt bags are fun to rock on the weekends, our 9-to-5 work bags are our lifelines. So whether you’re planning to splurge on your next carryall for the season or save until your bonus hits, Coveteur has you covered.

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